January 25th came and went.  And with it was Mr Baulch’s last day at the school.  It was a difficult day for many teachers, students and staff members as there were lots of tears throughout the awards assembly.

The PTA, as led by Ms Melissa Sayers our Cultural Arts Head, and Ms Dean the LHE S Art teacher, decided to present Mr Baulch with a farewell gift.  It was an outline of the state of North Carolina with a heart in the middle.  Students were chased down over lunch periods to make their mark inside the state of NC with their fingerprints.  This beautiful piece, along with an REI gift certificate, were presented to Mr Baulch at the awards assembly by PTA Treasurer, Erin Laskowich.

The transcript of the speech is below.  We will always miss Mr Baulch, as he was the heart of Lincoln Heights Elementary, and the next principal will have some pretty impressive shoes to fill.  We wish him the very best in Michigan and leave a standing invitation for him to come back and visit when the winters get too harsh!

Thank you for attending the awards ceremony this afternoon.
Today is meaningful not only because we are here to recognize the academic accomplishments of Lincoln Heights students but is also meaningful in that this is Mr Baulch’s last day.
We are deeply going to miss him; his never-ending enthusiasm, insatiable curiosity, childlike optimism and unyielding determination to make a difference in his community and in the lives of the students at LHES.
His perseverance and leadership has instigated some incredible changes here at LHES. We have a new building (half of one), with filtered water bottle filling stations, and an outdoor garden with a water feature. Student proficiency has increased in math, science and reading and the students are meeting growth metrics. Teacher confidence has grown and so has our PTA and active volunteer base that comes into the school.
Lincoln Heights is one of the most diverse schools in Fuquay, which comes with its own set of unique challenges, but also with unbelievable promise. Mr Bauch was here because he believed that our students deserve all the opportunities the world can offer them, regardless of background.
Thank you, Mr Baulch for your unwavering dedication and support of the little scrappy school across the tracks. We will never forget you.