What is the PTA?

The Lincoln Heights Elementary PTA is a collection of parents and teachers who are working together to be an advocate to encourage community support of the Lincoln Heights Elementary School.  Maintaining an active and open PTA is critical to the success of the school and ultimate success of the children who attend.

How does this Benefit ME or my child?

Not only does being an active member encourage an open and more meaningful relationship between you and your child’s educators, but it enables you to be informed about events at the school.  You will get to know teachers, administrators, support staff and other parents.

You become a part of a network of other parents with similar values and a common goal of improving the school environment.

You WILL make a difference.  Not only are your unique set of skills invaluable to the group, but there are others will recognize your contributions and it is a wonderful networking opportunity.  Our members come from a diverse background of professions and experiences, you gain insight into the community in which you live and work.

Although it can be hard work, it is fun and rewarding.  Getting to interact with other parents and families is healthy for you and your children in building meaningful relationships and establishing a network of support.

You will be a role model to your children.  They will see you taking an active role in their education and working to improve the education of them and their peers.  This will influence their outlook on the importance of an education in their lives.

The PTA is flexible and can work with any schedule.  We have been working on being more considerate of working-parent schedules, as opposed to catering primarily to the stay-at-home parent.  We hold general meetings in the evenings, and have volunteer opportunities that span the length of the day.

We need to have your voice to speak on behalf of your child and all children at the school.  The only way we can make a meaningful difference in the school and how it functions, is to work together.