President:  Erin Laskowich

Erin has worked as a Scientist for 14 years at several major pharmaceutical companies in Pennsylvania, New York and RTP performing research and development on adult and childhood vaccines, chemotherapy drugs, and hemophilia treatments.  She is pursuing her masters in Regulatory Affairs via UGA distance learning program.  Erin enjoys riding flatland bmx with her three daughters or spending quality time with her husband, Jaime.  This is her third year as a PTA board member, and fourth year on the PTA.  She hopes to make a difference at LHES by encouraging a positive collaborative environment in which to support LHES families, students and teachers and to advocate the importance of elementary schooling as the foundation upon which a solid education builds.



Vice President: Tennille Rivas

Treasurer:  Allie Lonberg

Secretary:  Nekeisha Yarborough

Cultural Arts Head: Brandy Taylor

Fundraising Support:  Kelli Wilson

Parent Engagement:  Debbi Kassin